“Despite being a landlocked upstate New Yorker, I have always been drawn to the sea. Decades of perusing Cape Cod beaches and others throughout the world have offered up a collection of beach treasures, such as mermaid purses, seaweed, sea shells, and oysters. Building on mother nature’s handiwork, Design Nº Five went to work on creating our line of coastal fabrics."


Inspiration is all around us.

Inspiration is all around us, even in our own backyard. A lifetime surrounded by Cape Cod’s beauty influences the creation of our fabrics. We choose to highlight what is unique to the Cape; from Horseshoe Crabs to Skate Pods, everything we design can be found on the shoreline.

After a trip to the waterfront, we return to our studio in Cotuit. Here we design our patterns, creating shapes and choosing colors.

Our prints and linen are sent to a mill in Pennsylvania where they are brought to life. Creating our products so close to home allows us to be involved during every step, ensuring high quality.

100% belgian linen

hand-sketched fabrics

eco-friendly inks

USA made

Materials and inspiration from the earth.

As we find inspiration from our coastlines, we do our best to live for today with an eye on tomorrow.

All our fabrics and pillows are printed onto 100% Belgian linen, one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available. Linen is created from flax, utilizing the entire plant. Flax is grown with just rainwater, with very few additives.

Linen is crisp, clean, and comfortable. The more it is used, the softer and stronger it becomes. No other fiber can offer this unique blend of luxury and comfort.

Thank you to Thomas Bernard (lead photo of boats), Joyelle West (photo of Phil, Charlotte & Dexter in front of the bar), Dan Smith (all pillow and fabric photos), Maddie Morris, Abby Ford, and Maddie Ford for many of the candid shots and my photo.